The Ishpeming Ski Club will be hosting the 137th Annual Ski Jumping Tournament, held at the UP Nordic Ski Complex, January 19th-21st, 2024. Read More

Who Is The Ishpeming Ski Club?

There is no organization that can leverage a few dollars into more value than the Ishpeming Ski Club. We believe in sweat equity and have been doing it this way for 130 years.

The club has a list of 30 to 35 dedicated sponsors that donate $1,000 each year. These are local area businesses that understand the importance of maintaining Ishpeming’s skiing heritage.

There is only one paid person in the club and that is the coach. Everyone else donates their time and talents. The hill captain actually uses his own backhoe and snow cat to fix and groom the hills. He has been doing this for over 30 years. He even pays for his own fuel.

The motivating factor for all of this is the advancement of the sport and the kids that participate. The heritage is strong in the community as demonstrated by the support we are given. Learn more...


Suicide Hill got its name when in 1926 Walter "Huns" Anderson was injured on the hill. Actually, it's one of the best hills in the country. Even Johanna Kolstad says she has only seen one better hill in the country. But the name did stick, and it has turned out to be a fine, competitive, and safe hill.


Ishpeming Ski Club