1st Annual Beanie Baby Biathlon Speed Workout

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November 15, 2018

The 3rd Annual  Run the 90 event scheduled for today was cancelled due to snow, so members of the ISC Nordic Ski Team competed in a biathlon (xc skiing and shooting) sprint event held at Suicide Bowl.  

Course:  Mostly level approximately 0.5 km loop with one climb (K90 outrun/soccer field/K40 outrun/K60 landing); approximately standard length penalty lap; each skier completed 3 loops, plus one penalty lap for each missed shot.

Range:  5 lanes; 3-shots per loop; total of 9 shots per skier

Range officers:  Mary Kay & Tom AuFrance

Ammo:  Beanie Babies

Conditions:  34oF and cloudy; rolled, packed snowcover with grass showing through.

Biathletes:  Amara Rasmussen, Alanah Mattson, Gwen Paavola, Caleb Clark, Faith Loman, Gary Lawton, Grace Rickauer, Alec Prusi, Timothy Ziegler, Jared Steve, Isabel Prusi, Talon Prusi, Thomas Kinjorski


Podium Results:

Top Gun – Caleb Clark (only 2 missed shots!)


Girls –   1st: Grace Rickauer

2nd: Faith Loman

3rd: Talon Prusi


Boys-    1st: Timothy Ziegler

2nd: Thomas Kinjorski

3rd: Alec Prusi


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