Double-Ski Relays

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Double-Ski Relays at Suicide Bowl
Mount two pairs of bindings on one pair of  215cm touring skis, add two people, and even the simplest movements on skis are an adventure – downhills are a blast!  Set up two pairs of skis and racing is required.
Aaron R., Isaac L., Alanah M., Alec P., Maija R., Weston Y., Timothy Z., ISC alum and coach Elliot P., parent Ron Y., and ISC coaches Mary Kay and Tom A., and Susy Z. all came out to Suicide to do some double-skiing Wednesday evening.  
After some warm-up and practice time, skiers paired up, clipped in (to the correct bindings), got on the starting line and took off, striding and double poling (in unison, of course).  
The event – double-ski relays.  The competition was intense, and if a skier got out of sync or off-balance…down they both went.  Everyone discovered that… communication is a key element when double-skiing, ski poles are a good idea, and once you figure it out you can really move fast.  
When all was said and done, and Coach Mary Kay had worked her magic with the race results (how did she manage to come up with the placing??) …
First place – Team Aaron R.
Second Place – Team Elliot P.
Third Place – Team Alec P. 
Most impressive stunt on double-skis – performing a 90-degree jump turn (while stationary) – Alec P. & Elliot P.
Speedy teams – Maija R. & Weston Y.   and   Alec P. & Timothy Z.
Thanks for coming out to double-ski!