Marquette County Cup Race #4 – Blueberry Ridge Trails

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ISC skiers competed in the fourth MCC cross country ski race on Thursday, February 7, 2019.  Conditions were rather slow with temps in the low 20's, lots of fresh snow falling throughout the race, and no real track set for much of the course, but it sure was a nice afternoon to be out on a pair of skis.

Congratulations to the following ISC skiers!

MS girls - Alanah M - 3rd

                   Isabelle P - 5th

                   Amara R - 6th

MS boys - Weston Y - 1st!!

HS girls - Grace R - 3rd

                   Talon P - 6th

                   Greta R - 8th

                   Faith L - 10th

HS boys - Timothy Z - 5th

                   Thomas K - 11th

                   Alec P - 12th

                   Jared S - 13th

                   Josh B - 16th




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